When someone asks you what your values are, it can be hard to answer because maybe you haven't thought about that yet. But society in general is a big influence on our daily life. Everyone around us is somehow a part of how we live. Myself for instance, think about how people think about me all the time. 

It can damage your way of life if you let people decide how you are supposed to live. A lot of the time even when we aren't realizing it, we are adjusting small thing in our everyday life that can make us more like the society. But truth is, we only have one life on this earth. And if we are going to live by what the society does, you will not learn to explore and do the things that makes you happy. 

If all we do is living by the book, our chapters will be shorter. There are times like this when you figure out what stupid things you have done in the past. The society is everyone. A friend, a parent, even a boyfriend or girlfriend can change the way how you feel about life. You should be happy with the life that was given to you and be creative and work hard for your own case.  

And you can't always think about what others opinion about you is, because you have responsibility for your own life and should not worry about if one person doesn't like you. You are perfect just the way you are and don’t ever let anyone make you think that you are something else.